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Victorian Time Capsule has Message to Inspire Church Today 

June 2013

A church had an unexpected window into its past following the discovery of a Victorian time capsule

Victorian time capsule has mes

Builders working on the redevelopment of Esher Green Baptist Church in Surrey came across the glass preserving jar during the demolition of the rear hall.

It was located in a cavity in a foundation stone placed in a side wall. The foundation stone was engraved as being laid by Mrs J Perrin (wife of the first pastor the Revd John Perrin) on 1 August 1870.

The contents of the jar, which was undamaged, comprised a beautifully written two-page 'Address' given at the laying of the foundation stone in 1870 together with five booklets and papers of material published by the Sunday School Union in that year.

Minister the Revd Lee Johnson said, 'We had no idea that this had been placed there, so its finding gives us a new sense of continuation with the past.

'The Address was a particularly appropriate encouragement for our own redevelopment in 2013 in its references to the uses of the Hall and to the work of future generations.'

The church plans to re-place the contents, with a note of their opening in 2013, in a new location near to where it plans to re-place the old foundation stone.

There will also be a new foundation stone recording the present re-building alongside, which will include a 2013 time capsule.
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