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Baptist Church Welcomes Bishop Nazir-Ali 

August 2012

A Baptist church in the Midlands is getting ready to welcome a retired Anglican Bishop from Kent with a message for the multi-faceted church of the UK

Baptist church welcomes Bishop

Castle Hill Baptist Church in Warwick has invited Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali to speak to an ecumenical audience on Christian confidence in a secular world in September. The event follows the church's annual time of Deeper studies which its hosts and organises.

Deeper takes place over three evenings with a popular Christian speaker and offers the chance to explore the Bible in a more in-depth and thorough way than might be possible in a regular church service.

Bishop Michael has a family background in both Muslim and Christian faiths and now spends his time and  energy in writing, speaking and advocating for Christian truth to be freely heard in the UK. He is the president of the Oxford Centre for Training, Research, Advocacy and Dialogue (OXTRAD).

As a means of serving the local, wider Christian family, Castle Hill has decided to offer such events without charge, explained minister the Revd Pete Burns.

'The visit of Bishop Michael is hotly anticipated and already a number of people from several different churches across the area are planning to be there,' he added.

"DEEPER Extra - Christian Confidence in a Secular World" will take place on Wednesday 12 September.

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