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First Food Parcels from Baptist Church 

November 2012

The first parcels of the newly-opened Peterborough foodbank were distributed from the Baptist church at the heart of its operation this week

The centre is one of the latest among the Trussell Trust's national network of more than 270 foodbanks nationwide.

Though Kingsgate Community Church has led move for a foodbank in Peterborough, Christians from all denominations around the city are involved. They include Stanground Baptist Church, a Home Mission-supported church, which is one of the three food distribution centres. It gave out its first parcel on Tuesday.

Its minister the Revd Ray Smith explained that Peterborough has a high number of immigrants who have come to the area to work in the agriculture industry. It also hasn't had the jobs growth in recent years.

'There is lots of hidden hunger, and unfortunately there is need for a foodbank,' he said.

'But it's exciting that Christians have come together to meet that need.

'We're drawing volunteers from all different churches; big churches, small churches, all wanting to help out.'

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