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New Flickr Group for Baptists 

Photos of Baptist churches and events can now be shared more freely following the creation of a new group on the photograph sharing website Flickr

Baptist Churches UK allows photographers to join and share images from their churches on the group page that anyone can access. 

Anyone uploading photographs to Flickr has three options to how they are then used by others:
  • New Flickr group for Baptists They can give complete access so anyone can download them for free and use them as they wish.
  • They can assign a Creative Common Licence to each image which states certain conditions on their use.
  • Alternatively they could make each photo copyright protected so permission would need to be sought in writing before reproduction.
The group has been set up by Ian Britton who attends Beacon Lough Baptist Church in Gateshead.  Ian is a professional photographer and owns photo website, Freefoto.com, which allows individuals and charities to download stock images for free.

'This Flickr group is an opportunity for us to share images of Baptist Life that others can use,' says Ian.

'We hope this will help us identify a group of photographers who attend Baptist churches so we can potentially work collaboratively in the future.'

To visit the Flickr group, go to http://www.flickr.com/groups/ukbaptistchurches.

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