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Prayer request from Lynn Green

Diagnosed with breast cancer; early detection; good prognosis; all being well plans to be at Baptist Assembly

Lynn Green250The Revd Lynn Green, General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, has requested prayer after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

The lump has been detected at a very early stage, and is small and slow growing. The prognosis for a full recovery is good. She will have an operation next week, followed by radiotherapy around a month later. 

All being well, Lynn is planning to participate at the Baptist Assembly (10-11 May).

‘The diagnosis came out of the blue, but as a family we are very thankful for the screening process, which has picked this up early,’ Lynn said.

‘As a result the prognosis is very good, but clearly we would value prayer for a speedy recovery, and for wisdom and strength as I balance commitments.’
Colleagues are helping to cover Lynn’s diary as much as they can during this period.

Update16th April

Lynn's operation went well and she is now home resting.   Lynn thanks you all for your prayers and support. The good news is that the lymph nodes are clear - praise The Lord! Please continue to pray for Lynn as she recovers.
Baptist Times, 10/04/2014
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