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'Missional Threads'

Across the globe there have been major upheavals and challenges over the past couple of years. A cursory glance through the news and we hear fear, grief, instability, inequality, injustice, dislocation and, often unsettling rapid discontinuous change.  God’s people are not immune, but have been called to live as ambassadors of God’s Kingdom.

This seminar asked a panel to consider the following questions:
  1. What have you sensed the Spirit saying to you/your community of Christ/Church at this time?  What is he calling you to take up?  What is he calling you to let go of?
  2. How is your answer to question 1 shaping how you/your church/Christ centred community live? 
Hear how God is at work in a range of contexts, partnering with his people to reflect the Christian hope ‘as it is in heaven, so on earth'.

Organised by the Mission Forum

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