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Baptists Together emergency loans: over £25,000

Many churches will have experienced a significant loss of income due to stopping services and stopping room hire by external users.  To help churches through this period, churches can apply for an emergency loan of over £25k, interest free and without repayments for 12 months. 

After 12 months, repayments will commence, and the loan will become a normal loan with standard interest rate (3% above base rate) repayable over 10 years. 

If the church has no property assets to provide security, the loan rate would be increased by 2% (in line with the bridging loan rate).

Should an Emergency Loan be approved, the church will not be able to apply for a £10,000 Grant.

Larger loans will be considered, however, please note the following criteria for all applications:
  • Have paid 2019 Baptists Together subscription.
  • A decision in principle can be given when the church has only 2 months' expenditure available in cash reserves with payment being made when only 1 month's expenditure is available.
  • Have taken reasonable steps to reduce expenditure.
  • Have attempted to secure funds from all other sources;  eg, Local authority, gifts from members etc (Self-certified).
  • Commended by local Association.  (This will be initiated by the by the Baptist Union as part of the application process.)
  • You have not already applied for or received a £10,000 Emergency Grant.
Should you wish to take advantage of this initiative please complete an Application Form.
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