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Baptists Together loans: 3 month repayment holiday

This initiative enables any church that has an outstanding Baptists Together Loan, to avoid making any repayments during April, May and June 2020.   Interest will continue to accrue but repayments won’t be required.  This will help churches during the next few months when finances may become more difficult, however, please note the following:
  • As interest continues to accrue the total amount repaid over the entire life of the loan will increase.
  • Repayments will recommence in July 2020.
  • The end date of the loan will be adjusted to take in to account this holiday.

The Repayment Holiday applies to all existing loans you have with the Baptist Union Corporation.
  • Church Loan
  • Manse Loan
  • Pension Loan
If you would like to take advantage of this initiative, please complete this Application Form
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Application form for churches with an existing loan that is currently being repaid