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Response to Concerns

It is the duty of each church member and each member of the wider church family to prevent the physical, sexual and emotional abuse of children and young people and the duty of all to respond to concerns about the well-being of children and young people, and to report any child abuse disclosed, discovered or suspected. The church will fully cooperate with any statutory investigation into any suspected abuse linked with the church.

All share the responsibility for promoting the welfare of children and all churches must have procedures in place to show how they are going to achieve this. This is particularly important when it comes to knowing how to respond to concerns about the welfare of children and young people. Without clear procedures for dealing with allegations, staff, volunteers and church members may not know what to do if an allegation is made, or a child discloses that they are being harmed. This can lead to do nothing. With procedures in place, everyone is clear about what to do and to whom to speak.

When written procedures are in place and communicated effectively to all those working with children and young people, workers will have clear expectations placed upon them. Workers will therefore be accountable when they do not follow those procedures and can be challenged by those who supervise their work.

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