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Listed Buildings

Where a Baptist church and site are listed as being of special architectural or historic interest special care is needed to ensure good maintenance with appropriate materials. The whole building and site is legally protected by the listing notice so whenever alterations are proposed consent must be obtained – otherwise altering the building will be a criminal offence.

For most Baptist churches decisions about alterations of Baptist listed buildings are made by the Listed Buildings Advisory Committee (LBAC). This particularly applies to churches in membership with the Baptist Union of Great Britain or the Baptist Union of Wales.

The local planning authority often has no jurisdiction to grant listed building consent for changes to a Baptist church building or site.
If you are not sure if your building is listed or if the Baptist Union scheme applies to your church please contact us.

LB01 Introducing the Listed Buildings Advisory Committee
LB02 Applying to the Listed Buildings Advisory Committee
LB03 Professional Advisors and Applications to the Listed Buildings Advisory Committee
LB04 Listed Buildings Advisory Committee Application Form
LB05 Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme
LB06 Looking After Your Church Buildings
LB07 Building Materials & External Fittings in Listed Churches
LB08 Furnishings in Listed Churches
LB09 Photographic Recording

You can find leaflets on these topics through the links on this page, through the website search facility, or by clicking on the ‘Resources’ tab at the top of every page.
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