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Ministerial Recognition Committee (MRC)

The national Ministerial Recognition Committee administers the list of those ministers and church workers accredited by the Baptist Union, as well as those who are nationally recognised as preachers, pastors and pioneer ministers. It deals with all aspects of the recognition of ministers and their work, including secondments to other forms of ministry and Leave of Absence, the mechanism for holding ministers on the Register when they may not be active in ministerial duties for a variety of reasons.

Ministerial Recognition Sub Committee
The MRC also works as a Sub Committee to interview ministers from other denominations who may wish to pursue transfer to the Baptist Union, and those who come from overseas Unions or Conventions with ministerial experience. Additionally this committee interviews those who, for one, reason or another, have been removed from the Register but now wish to return in order to pursue ministry with the Baptist Union.

Residential Selection Conference (RSC)
Another means of selection is the Residential Selection Conference which provides a process for discerning suitability for Accredited Ministry when a candidate has not been a student at a recognised Baptist College. Candidates, who must hold a minimum university-validated Diploma in theology or above, are assessed on their calling and suitability for Baptist Ministry by a team of experienced selectors in a context of worship.

Recommendations from the RSC and the Sub Committee go to the National Ministerial Recognition Committee for ratification.

MRC members:

Geoff Colmer
Peter Stevenson
Paul Kerley
Rob Ellis
Christine Fry
Jacqui Green
Val Green
Rupert Lazar
Simon Oxley
Linda Campbell
Andy Hughes
Jacquie Osmund Smith
Gary Woodall
Moderator - Sian Murray Williams.

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