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Baptists in the pandemic

Baptists have impacted their local communities in numerous ways during the pandemic. Here's a list of stories and links showing how 

St Peter's Baptist Church

Practical help
Delivering food to the most vulnerable 
A Baptist church in Purley, Croydon has accelerated plans to work alongside the council and FareShare in ensuring the most vulnerable in its community have access to food. Pastor Nick Graves explains more  

The Southend Emergency Fund 
People on the margins in Southend have been supported throughout lockdown by an emergency fund with two Baptist ministers at its heart

'We have facilitated friendship'
Ben Tucker, minister of Seaton Baptist Church in Devon, explains how the vision of the church, released in part by a Home Mission grant at the start of 2020, has led to the explosion of a brand new missional adventure over the weeks of lockdown.

‘Everybody has a desire to love and care for their neighbour. Tapping into that is powerful.’   
The vision of Seaton Baptist Church, released in part by a Home Mission grant at the start of 2020, led to the explosion of a brand new missional adventure over the weeks of lockdown. What’s happening next? 

Community grocery opens in Baptist church 
More than 100 people signed up to become members of a community grocery when it opened in Emmanuel Baptist Church in Liverpool 

Community fridge opens in Gorse Hill Baptist Church 
A community fridge has opened in Gorse Hill Baptist Church in Swindon – the first such fridge to be opened in the town

But it's much more than a community fridge - See also:
"We have responded to needs that have arisen in the pandemic"
How Gorse Hill Baptist Church in Swindon has moved to meet community needs over the last year. Interview with Heather Prictor.

"A food distribution hub here in Chester that we are lead partner"
From Andy Glover, minister of HBC Chester (formerly Hoole Baptist Church): "We as a church have produced this six minute video telling the story of Crossroads Community Hub – this is a food distribution hub here in Chester that we are lead partner and began at the beginning of the pandemic"

Deepening relationships in lockdown 
Shirley Warren Action Church has developed deeper community connections by meeting local needs during the coronavirus crisis – and a Baptist Union grant has played a part

'It has been a faith stretching decision' 
Carol Knight explains how and why her Baptist church's community fridge is still running - and how praying each day for daily bread has taken on a new perspective

'Extraordinary acts of kindness' 
Lockdown has seen many extraordinary acts of kindness shown by ordinary people towards others, not least in New Brighton, Wallasey

Carpark harvest produces a bumper crop 
Prevented from holding their traditional Harvest Festival by the Covid pandemic, a north Leeds church decided the next best thing would be to set up a drive through drop off point in their carpark

Vaccination centres
Baptist church buildings used as vaccination centres 
Several Baptist church buildings have become vaccination centres as the national programme accelerates

Mitcham Lane Baptist Church - vaccination centre
'While the seats in our sanctuary have been a little quieter in 2021, the rest of our building tells a different story.'
Between 25000 and 27000 people have been vaccinated in the church building, and Covid booster jabs are underway. 

Mental / emotional / spiritual support 
'It was so painful' - Baptist minister takes dozens of funerals during the first lockdown
As the minister of Trinity Church in Rawdon, Leeds, Helen Lambert normally conducts around four to five funerals a year. 2020 has proved to be very different 

We are not alone 
Sheena Dykes and Dawn Hazell highlight a resource to help people to understand and share experiences of grief in the midst of Covid-19

Baptist church opens as a 'Hope Space' 
Clevedon Baptist Church opened its building for private prayer and reflection using the Hope Together mission initiative of Hope Spaces 

Becoming a bereavement friendly church
Since 2019, Oundle Baptist Church has been exploring how to become a Bereavement Friendly Church, indeed a bereavement friendly town, to reach out, with the love of Jesus, to all those who face bereavement in the local community. Judith Brashaw shares some of the journey they have been on.

Discovering treasure in life's scars
Kintsugi Hope is a charity based in the UK striving to make a difference to people’s mental wellbeing - and has already partnered with more than 40 Baptist churches. One of them is King Street Baptist Church in Thetford, Norfolk. Minister Sally Sago explains how the partnership is working

Our journey with Kintsugi Hope - Earls Hall Baptist Church
Members of the core team Andy Smith and Sharon Schofield provide an insight into developments so far.

'We’ve been challenged and we’ve changed'  
Interview with Denzil Larbi, associate minister of Selsdon Baptist Church, on how he has adapted - including the encouraging response to launching  a Bible course online  

'We created a community allotment' - Devonport Baptist Church, Plymouth 
There are no local allotments in the Devonport area, we have very small gardens and people are very unlikely to be able to grow their own vegetables. The intention is to give local people access to grow their own but also for people to take fresh food home with them. We are all people of faith, but our intention is to grow into a very mixed group of people of faith, people interested in faith and those of no faith.

Parish nurses and chaplains
We have to provide hope 
Parish nurses walk alongside those who are struggling in the communities they serve. How has the pandemic impacted their ministry, and what needs do they perceive as we move forward?
Baptists Together Magazine spoke to Ali Cherry and Barbara Griffiths, two parish nurses in Baptist churches.

Healthcare chaplaincy in a pandemic 
In a pandemic, when we have a new disease about which so little is known, we have to be careful, writes Nik Hookey. But we can sit with those who are dying, and they can know that someone who understands their spirituality is there with them

Healthcare chaplaincy in a pandemic 
We invited a number of Baptist healthcare chaplains to share something of their experiences in the Covid-19 pandemic.
This page features reflections from the Revds Sarah Crane, Diana Steadman and Adrian Woodbridge.

Healthcare chaplaincy in a pandemic 
'Most times we do visit. It is so important to the patients. Often we are the only non-medical person to see them for days, if not weeks.' By Mark Burleigh, Head of Chaplaincy & Bereavement Services, University Hospitals of Leicester

Our pastoral response is one of listening 
A reflection by hospital chaplain David Southall 

Community events
'We couldn't deprive the town of it altogether' 
Wellspring Church found a way of being a welcome presence even though its town's busy May carnival had to be cancelled for the first time since the war
Carols by headlights 
Olton Baptist Church, Solihull, organised a drive-in carol service in December. Bernice Lingard reports on what happened - and how it was received (1000 people at a carol service)

Baptist Times, 08/10/2021
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Baptists have impacted their local communities in numerous ways during the pandemic. Here's a list of stories and links showing how
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