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Helping the grieving during the pandemic 

In this webinar, we explored different aspects of grief, loss and bereavement.  Diane Watts was in conversation with Baptist minister and bereavement counsellor Vania John-Baptiste, and Pete English who works with At A Loss, a national bereavement resource.  Pete’s own specialism is in helping young people process loss.  Together they talked through what loss and bereavement are, different ways they are experienced, and simple ways we can walk with those for whom they are a present reality.

Pete English kindly suggested the following online resources to help us support the grieving during the pandemic:
Signposting bereavement services and guidance nationally: https://www.ataloss.org/
Equipping churches to support the bereaved: https://www.lossandhope.org/
An online remembrance ‘book’ for those who have died from Covid-19:
Bereavement care awareness training : https://www.lossandhope.org/whats-on-offer/training/
An online course to support the bereaved: https://thebereavementjourney.org/
Training for supporting young people dealing with loss: https://www.ataloss.org/Pages/FAQs/Category/listeningpeople
Church Army booklet for young people dealing with death and grief:
Booklet for explaining coronavirus for children: 
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