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The peace of God: a new song for today

From Jack Robertson and Alan Penman

Alan and Jack have written a new song reflecting the current times and challenges, which they hope may bring some comfort in these strange and challenging times

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As Covid-19 threatens to overwhelm our health service and continues to inflict pain and loss, we stand together with many others and renew our commitment to sustained prayer.
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A new song for today by Jack Robertson and Alan Penman
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"Lean on me", says God. A new (copyright-free) song and video from poet Lucy Berry. A song of comfort for times of trouble .
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Have you considered pray walking where you live?
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Bethel Baptist Church in Cardiff is trying to respond to the number of people googling: "how to pray" right now with a series of simple Youtube videos to help people get started
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These simple prayers speak of God’s protective 'circling' presence. Now with further reflections - from Carolyn Urwin
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