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VE Day 75th anniversary Prayer

In preparation for VE Day 75 on May 8, Rev Dr Helen Paynter from Bristol Baptist College has written this prayer which can be used and shared. 

God of justice and self-sacrifice, healing and reconciliation, Prince of peace and victorious risen Saviour.

Today we remember the events of VE day, and all that that day signified:

· the culmination of enormous sacrifices made by individuals, communities and nations,

· the formal conclusion of unspeakable sufferings inflicted by humanity upon humanity.

· gain and loss; victory and defeat; joy and sorrow.

God of righteous outrage and justice, we thank you for the end to the Third Reich and all the hatred and evil that it unleashed upon the world.

God who gave himself in sacrifice, we thank you for the sacrifice of those who gave their lives, their loved ones, their health or their freedom to strive for the cause of justice and to resist great evil.

God of grace and restoration, we thank you for those who gave their energy to peace and reconciliation after the war: who worked with bricks and mortar, finance and healthcare, hearts and minds to bring aid, restore communities, and to rebuild bridges of trust between nations.

God of healing and new beginnings, we confess that we have not wholly lived in the new possibility that peace and victory opened up. We have continued to wage war, we have turned once again to suspicion and antagonism against other peoples and nations. We have permitted the rise of hate-based ideologies across Europe. And we have allowed the seeds of murder and war to continue to live in our own hearts.

God of victory and peace, we look forward to the end of all evil – including our own; the end of all violence – including our own; and to the coming of your glorious kingdom of love and justice. And we commit ourselves once again to working with you towards that beautiful goal.


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In preparation for VE Day 75 on May 8, Rev Dr Helen Paynter from Bristol Baptist College has written this prayer which can be used and shared.