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Update on DBS ID checks

BUGB DBS Check Guide 30March20New alternatives to face-to-face document checking

Written 30 March 2020
Reviewed 5 March 2021

We published an update at the beginning of lockdown in March 2020 about DBS ID checks and the use of video calls and scanned copies in the absence of face to face meetings.  Since then, we have received helpful advice from DDC and the DBS on how to do this, which remains relevant to churches.

Since it is not now possible to meet individuals to do their DBS checks face to face, the DBS have agreed alternative ID checking mechanisms whilst the social distancing and self-isolation requirements are in place. This means that DBS checks can be done in two ways whilst we are working under the current social distancing rules.

  1. The first way to do a DBS ID check is to ask the individual to video call with you and to have them show you each of their ID documents on screen.  They will need to place the documents close enough to the camera for you to read the information clearly.  You should then record the documents you’ve seen in the normal way.
  2. The second way to do a DBS ID check is to ask the individual to send you scanned copies of their ID documents.  These should include both sides of any ID document.  The scanned copies should be of good enough quality for you to read all the identifying information clearly.

In both cases, when you input this information on the DDC system you should tick the box to say that you have seen the documents first-hand. This is because there is not enough time for every DBS checking provider to alter their systems to accommodate the new options. The DBS, through DDC, have confirmed that you will not be open to any kind of penalty or liability for ticking the box in this way because of the current exceptional circumstances.

For any other questions about DBS checks for those working and volunteering in Baptist churches, please see our DBS Guide.

A copy of this note was sent by email to all registered DBS verifiers in Baptist churches who were on the verifier list as at the beginning of March 2020.

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    Posted: 20/03/2020