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Coronavirus – Using social media with young people 

20 March 2020  (updated 23 March - 2pm)

Using Social Media to engage aThe National Safeguarding Team have produced a new safeguarding guideline 'Using social media to engage and communicate with young people within the church'. This comprehensive document also includes guidelines for the current situation:

We are aware that some churches have agreed that their youth leaders can gather virtually with their youth groups; please make sure these gatherings operate within your church’s safeguarding policy and procedures. 

We would recommend 2 adult leaders present in the virtual group from the start of the call (first to join, last to leave) and consent obtained from parents beforehand. It’s important that we keep in touch with the children and young people that we’re serving and phone calls, WhatsApp groups, messaging can all be done in ways that are transparent and safe.

Download the document from here.

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The Government has recently updated their advice regarding coronavirus.
Guidance from our Legal Team on various legal and regulatory issues that have arisen because of the lockdown
Entering phase 2 of the recovery plan provides an opportunity to review your pastoral visiting practices, while still seeking to reduce the risk to the lowest reasonably practicable level
We are all aware that we are in extremely unusual times and there is much uncertainty about the future. The closing of our church buildings has had a major impact on our life together and presented challenges to how we operate as a church.
The Government has published guidance and a FAQs document to provide information on the Government’s roadmap for how and when the UK will adjust its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
We have revised our guidelines on weddings, funerals and baptism still further.
    Posted: 18/05/2020
    Posted: 20/03/2020