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Dulcie Dixon McKenzie

DulcieDixonMcKenzieDulcie is the Director of the Centre for Black Theology (CBT) at Queen’s Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education in Birmingham, offering training, research, and doctoral programmes for ordained and lay ministers primarily from Black majority churches.  
Dulcie is British born, of Jamaican heritage, raised as a daughter of ministers, and a lifelong adherent of African Caribbean Pentecostalism.  She is a multi-award-winning radio presenter and producer having worked on BBC Radio for over three decades.  
Dulcie chairs and convenes the monthly Black Theology Forum (BTF) at Queen’s Foundation and is passionate about the forum being a bridge between the academy, church and community.
Dulcie is a PhD graduate in Theology at the University of Birmingham, and her earlier educational and professional qualifications are in social sciences, training first as a psychiatric nurse, then as a social worker before working as a probation officer.  She then taught in FE and HE colleges training adults in health and social care, focussing on Equality, Diversity and Rights, and Research skills. 
Dulcie’s research areas are in Black gospel music, Black church history, and Womanist Theology, and she is particularly interested in the experience and contribution of the first generation of African Caribbean Pentecostals in Britain.   
Dulcie is an Executive Committee member of the Society for the Study of Theology (SST). 
Dulcie’s publications are, PhD Thesis, The Future of the Past: Forging a historical Context for Black Gospel Music as a Tradition amongst African Caribbean Pentecostals in Post-War Britain.  University of Birmingham (March 2014); McKenzie, Dulcie Dixon.  'Toward Teaching Black Theology through Black Gospel Music in Britain.'  Discourse 8, no 2 (2009): p 127 – 171; McKenzie, Dulcie A. Dixon. 'Black British Theology in Black British Gospel Music' Chapter 3, in Post-Colonial Black British Theology: New Textures and Themes, edited by Michael N Jagessar and Anthony G Reddie (2007). Peterborough; Epworth p 25 – 29.

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