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Enabling Baptist Voices and Action in the Public Square




Together Free 

Together Free is a Baptist based network partnering with Churches to help their communities become Slavery-Free. With an estimated 136,000 victims of Modern Slavery in the UK, our Churches are increasingly coming into contact with victims and survivors. Through stories, the workshop will practically highlight how to help communities become Slavery-Free.


Joint Public Issues Team

Baptists, Methodists, the United Reformed Church and the Church of Scotland pool our thinking on public issues and work together for Christian justice in public life. The Joint Public Issues Team are leading two sessions reflecting on ‘live’ political issues in the day: how do we work to bring a distinctive Christian voice into our national debates, how do we act for justice and peace in the public life and how do we enable our churches to be equipped on the issues of the moment?  As a full disclaimer, we might mention the word Brexit!



Religious Freedom

For 70 years the European Baptist Federation (EBF) has been bringing together Baptists in Europe, Middle East and Central Asia.  A key shared concern has been to advocate religious freedom. Come and find out how we continue this today, especially in the Middle East, Central Asia, and most recently in Ukraine and Bulgaria.


Racial Justice - Multi Ethnic Preaching in a Multi Cultural World 

More details to follow