BMS World Mission’s AGM this year falls into three segments.
The first is our annual update on BMS finances, presented this year by Robert Ashurst (Honorary Treasurer) and Val Stevens (Director of Finance & Corporate Services). It’s an encouraging story!
Our second item is the formal decision on BMS becoming an incorporated body, in the form of a charitable company limited by guarantee. We consulted publicly on this some months ago, and were very encouraged by the response. The proposed New Constitution can be viewed here and will be voted on at the Assembly.
Our final item is an update on our BMS strategy for the period 2016 to 2020, in which we are aiming to see one million lives transformed. We’ll be reporting on how year one of that strategy has gone, and sharing some wonderful stories of lives transformed so far.
Taken together, we hope you’ll be really encouraged by BMS, as we manage our finances wisely, prepare our structures properly for the future and report on how together, as a Baptist family, we continue to make way for God to transform lives worldwide.