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Harlington Baptist Church


MapDay25HarlingtonA church with a missionary vision supports boys through its Football Project

Supported by Home Mission, Pastor Neemias with his wife Elinere and his two daughters have been working with Harlington Baptist Church since 2012.  They have a strong missionary vision which has been shared with the church through these years.  The church vision is to give everyone the opportunity to serve God by using their gifts and abilities in such way that through their lives the God’s purpose of glorifying his name may be fulfilled.  

Organisationally, everyone in the church is encouraged to help the church by being part of at least one of its ‘departments’ which were created with the purpose of covering every area of the church ministry.

25HarlingtonMenThe leadership team is formed by representatives of different nations which tries to reflect the community multicultural population.  The church leadership works to reinforce God’s vision for the church, looking at all the things which need to be addressed in helping the church to move forward.

The church’s missionary vision is growing.  Since 2012, every last Saturday and Sunday of the month a missionary service has been held in the church, aiming to challenge the believers to develop a greater love for the souls in various ways - like spending more time in prayer, investing their resources, cooperating for mission and giving their lives for God’s Kingdom work.  

Within the community, the church is working with young people holding a weekly activity called Y4J to which the boys from our football project are invited.  

25HarlingtonAwardsThe football project has worked as a bridge between the church and the community, beginning in an informal way in 2010.  Last year, sponsored by Home Mission, Pastor Neemias got his qualification as a football coach to enable him to develop this role further.   

This year, with the support of Home Mission and Queen’s Park Rangers, he has been working with about 30 boys from the community at William Byrd Primary School.  The boys were divided into teams and two of the teams have played on the 5 a side Goal Soccer Centre League.  On the first season, one of the teams reached third place and other finished in fourth place.  In the second season one of the teams finished on top of the League, with the other in second place.  At the end of both seasons the church prepared an Awards Ceremony inside the church hall and invited the boys’ parents to participate in the ceremony.  Many boys from the Football project are coming weekly for Y4J and some of them are coming for the service in the church as well.  We praise the Lord and thank Home Mission for such investment towards the Harlington Community.

25HarlingtonMedalsOur church also works with the girls from the community through Girls’ Brigade and with the children, through Sunday School.  We have a prayer ministry which goes to every street of the community and we pray for the residents before the Saturday Prayer Meeting in the church.

This year, three people were baptised and there are more two waiting to be baptised.

As part of our commitment to mission, the donations that have been raised every month are gathered together to be sent for BMS, Home Mission and local mission respectively.

Harlington Baptist Church highly appreciates all the support received from Home Mission.
Elinere Lopes Antonio
Church Secretary, Harlington Baptist Church

Please pray:

  • For Pastor Neemias, giving thanks for his missionary vision and all that he has achieved in setting up the football project
  • For the boys who take part in the football project, and that others would also come to Y4J to learn more about God’s love for them
  • Give thanks for the success which the football teams have enjoyed in the past two seasons, and the encouragement it brings
  • For the girls who are members of the Girls’ Brigade as they learn about God and grow in relationship with him
  • For those being baptised, giving thanks for the encouragement this brings to the church

Click here for a printable Fact File about Harlington Baptist Church to share with your church.

Click here to read more stories about how the money you give to Home Mission is being used to bring the love of God to communities around the country.

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