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The High Accessibility Version of the The Baptist Union of Great Britain Website

The design of this high accessibility website is based on W3C Triple-A compliance guidelines, and thus comforms to current UK legal requirements concerning the accessibility of information for people with disabilities. The site is also extremely useful for use over a slow internet connection, or with hand-held PDA devices (though there are issues with some PDA proxy servers).

Currently, the High Accessibility Version gives access to:

  1. All articles and forms, via a "bread-crumb" navigation interface. Article and form content is dynamically adjusted to improve accessibility.
  2. An easy to use calendar of all upcoming events over the next year.
  3. A searchable address-book (if site has one.)
  4. The ability to read and reply to all forums.

This site employs following accessibility features:

  1. A zero use of graphics. (Article images can be switched on or off using the top line "Turn Images On|Off" links.)
  2. No ability to see colour is required. (some subtle shading is used to make the pages look better on PDAs etc.)
  3. All links are rendered as simple underlined text, using default browser colours for visited and unvisited links. No other text is underlined.
  4. All text can be re-sized by the user, using browser font-resize functions.
  5. All pages dynamically adjust with window size (ideal for PDA's or when using large font sizes).
  6. No style sheets are required. If style sheets are disabled then the site remains fully useable.
  7. A minimal use of tables and javascript is employed - to aid audio screen readers and Braille translators.
  8. There are no pop-up windows (except where file download links occur).

If you still have difficulty using this site, or know someone else who is experiencing a difficulty, then please email Insight support, and we will endeavour to fix the issue.