Applying for a DBS Disclosure through CAS

All applications to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) for Enhanced DBS Disclosures have to be submitted by a Registered Body or an Umbrella Body that is recognised by the DBS. The Baptist Union has entered into partnership with other denominations in England and Wales to establish the Churches' Agency for Safeguarding (CAS).

All churches in membership with the Baptist Union of Great Britain and of local Associations are able to apply for Enhanced DBS Disclosures through the CAS.  The services of CAS are provided to Baptist churches at no cost. CAS is funded by Home Mission. The only fees that are payable are any fees that are charged by the DBS - currently £44 for an Enhanced Disclosure for a paid worker. Enhanced DBS Disclosures for volunteers are free.

For any questions relating to the DBS process (other than ordering forms), please contact CAS on 020 7467 5216 or email 

The process for applying for Disclosures using CAS is as follows:

DBS Application Forms

Please contact your Regional Minister or Association office to order DBS Application forms.

Completing the DBS Application Form

All applicants should complete the application form following carefully the guidelines found on the DBS website

The guidance should be followed carefully as any errors or omissions on the form will lead to the form being returned by the CAS or rejected by the DBS.

Please ensure that:
  • the application form has been completed in BLACK INK

  • full names have been given, together with any name changes

  • a full address history (without any gaps) for the past five years has been completed

  • any mistakes have been corrected in the approved way (never use correction fluid)

  • the form has been signed by the applicant

You can now complete DBS checks online through the CAS, your church verifier will have been issued by the CAS with log on information and a password.

Verifying Identity

The identity of the applicant must be verified by an approved representative of the local church.

The approved representatives recognised by CAS are the minister, the church secretary and the treasurer of a church in membership with the Baptist Union or a local Association. If a church wishes another representative of the church to verify the identity of applicants on DBS application forms, the name and contact details of additional representatives should be sent to the Baptist Union's database administrator.

The verifier must see original documents as set out in DBS guidance and complete the appropriate sections on the DBS application form, including sections W and X.

Sections Y and Z should be left blank. These will be completed by CAS.

Full guidance notes for those verifying application forms can be found on the CAS website.

Completing CAS Forms

The verifier must also complete two CAS forms to be sent to CAS with the DBS application form.

  • CAS Form  - which gives details of the applicant and the verifier for CAS internal use

  • Documentary evidence sheet - which gives details of the documentary evidence that has been seen by the verifier
DBS Fees

There is no fee for an Enhanced DBS Disclosure for volunteer workers.

All paid workers must pay a fee of £44. For applications made through CAS the cheque should be made payable to CAS.

Sending Forms to CAS

The completed DBS application form together with the two CAS forms and any cheques should be sent to CAS at:

Churches' Agency for Safeguarding
25 Marylebone Road
London NW1 5JR

What Happens Next?

CAS will check and countersign the application form and pass it on to the DBS.

It is possible to track a DBS application through the DBS tracking service. You will need the Form Reference Number from the front of the Disclosure application form and also the applicant’s date of birth.

The DBS will issue an Enhanced DBS Disclosure Certificate. One copy of the certificate will be sent directly to the applicant. Another copy of the certificate will be sent to CAS.

If the Disclosure does not reveal anything that is of any concern, CAS will write to the verifier to say that a Disclosure has been received and that nothing was revealed that would make the applicant unsuitable to work with children and young people.

If the Disclosure reveals anything that might be of concern, the Baptist Union Safeguarding Officer will be informed, who will contact the church to help the church make an appropriate decision with regard to the appointment. The Baptist Union has appointed a panel of experts who can be consulted to ascertain the potential risk that might be posed to children and young people by the applicant.

The applicant should check the details on the Disclosure Certificate carefully. If there are any errors, the applicant should contact DBS immediately. It would also be helpful if the applicant could also contact CAS to inform them of the error.
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