Reviewing the Policy

The model policy statement makes provision for an annual review of the policy.  The trustees should identify a small group of people who will be responsible for the review.  These should include the Safeguarding Trustee/Deacon and the Designated Person for Safeguarding.  If neither of these is involved in the church’s work with children and young people, a representative of the children and young people’s workers should also be part of the group.

The annual review should consider and report on the following:

  • Has there been any new legislation or guidance which requires the policy and procedures to be amended? (This information will be highlighted in updates sent from our Union to ministers, secretaries and treasurers).

  • If there have been any concerns or incidents during the year, have the procedures been followed appropriately, or do the procedures need to be strengthened?

  • Has the church begun or does the church plan to begin any new work with children and young people which needs to be written into the agreed procedures?

  • Have there been any changes of workers or office holders that affect the procedures?

  • Have all of those who are working with children and young people been appointed under the agreed procedures?

  • What training has been offered in the past year and what training is planned for the coming year?

  • Are all children and their parents and carers aware of the procedures for expressing concerns about the conduct of workers?

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