Just Imagine

  • Just imagine...helping to unlock the potential of small churches with big visions

  • Just imagine...helping to keep God’s light shining in our cities

  • Just imagine...helping churches to discover mission in a new way

  • Just imagine...helping to transform the lives of young people

By giving to Home Mission ... you are

This happens through Grants which are given to support a variety of ministries in and through Baptist churches across the country. Grants are also given to support chaplains and others who work outside the walls of the church.

But Home Mission also enables all our churches and ministers to be supported and helped through the work of the Regional Associations and the Specialist Teams at Baptist House.
  • Just imagine what it would mean if we gave more sacrificially to support each other

  • Just imagine what it would mean if we prayed more for each other

  • Just imagine seeing more people in our communities experiencing the love of Christ

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