To supplement the guidelines found in Safe to Grow, our Union has produced an integrated series of training, consisting of three levels.

Level 1 is a DVD, lasting four minutes, designed to be shown to the whole church to help raise awareness across the congregation and encourage everyone to remember that safeguarding is everyone's responsibility. Some worship service ideas are also available to use alongside the DVD as part of a service.

Level 2 is designed to be delivered by a trainer. Please contact your Regional Association for more information on how this can be delivered; the course is designed for the Minister, Deacons/trustees, the designated person for safeguarding and all those who work with children and young people. It covers the following points and takes about three hours -

  • Definitions, signs and symptoms of abuse

  • What to do if abuse is disclosed

  • Good practice

  • Risk assessments

  • Safe recruitment

  • Abuse of trust

  • Boundaries

Level 2a - Empowering Children to Stay Safe The purpose of this material is to help children and young people to be aware of their personal safety and how they can be empowered to make wise decisions, choices and actions to help them stay safe. This downloadable bible-based material is designed to be used with children and young people in a group session environment.

Level 3 is also designed to be delivered by a trainer and is for the Minister, Deacons/Trustees, and the designated person for safeguarding. It is designed to give further help with what to do if a disclosure is made, or if you discover that abuse has or is taking place. Level three is designed to follow on from level two and it is strongly advised that you access level two before accessing level three.