Women's Justice

A Women's Issues Working Group was established by BUGB Council in 1996 to promote the gifts and ministries of women. This is now known as the Women's Justice Group, and continues to work to ensure gender equality within the life and structures of BUGB, as well as maintaining national and international links with women's organisations. One specific area of work has been to enable churches to understand and respond appropriately to issues of domestic violence.

In March 2010, BUGB Council passed a resolution affirming the leadership of women.

The Story of Women in Ministry in the Baptist Union of Great Britain explores some of the ways in which Baptists have addressed the issue of women in leadership and ministry within the BUGB, with a view to informing the continuing debate on this difficult and potentially divisive subject. Downloadable Bible studies, entitled The Lydia Question - a fresh look at God's calling have also been written to accompany the book.
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