Younger Leaders' Forum

The Baptist Union Younger Leaders’ Forum (YLF) has a vision to see a generation of young adults united in faith to build each other up and have their voices heard. They are influential in developing Christ-centred community, creating cultural shift and being the voice of young people to the BU Council.

The YLF is a group of diverse young leaders from Baptist churches nationwide between the ages of 18 – 30 who meet twice a year to discuss and challenge the BU regarding:
  • How the Church relates to young adults in today’s society

  • The major issues facing Baptist churches from young adults’ perspective

  • Working out their own vision to revive the missing generation of 18 - 30s within the Church

They meet as an authentic worshipping community reliant upon honesty, support and trust, which seeks to provide an opportunity for young developing leaders to establish meaningful relationships and realise their potential.

For more details contact the YLF at their Missing Generation blog site and Facebook page.