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One Chadian man’s violent fits were healed by the ceaseless prayers of the Guinebor II Hospital staff
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They join other Christian groups to help end fighting in South Sudan
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A 125 year-old partnership in Qingzhou, China, is flourishing
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Baptist pastor and religious freedom activist told to break ties with “counter-revolutionary elements”
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Church leaders in Sierra Leone and Liberia are playing a vital role in helping people to stay safe
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The keynote speakers for the 21st Baptist World Congress to be held in Durban are confirmed
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'We can see God's hand upon us'
'Many apartments and cars are destroyed'
Lighting the Ugandan night with sunlight
'Military intervention will not solve issues'
BWA Day is to be re-launched in 2015
Ukraine, Russia, Middle East, WW1
Food for fearful families in Gaza