Gale Richards

GR Profile Photo12July2013Since 2010, Gale has combined the post of tutor for Northern Baptist Learning Community (NBLC) with that of Project Development Worker for Heart of England Baptist Association (HEBA).
Gale grew up in inner-city Birmingham but went on to spend several years in London.
As HEBA Project Development Worker, Gale seeks to ascertain and respond to the needs of churches within particularly challenging multi-ethnic and multi-faith areas of inner-city Birmingham, and the Black Country. She is particularly focusing on the needs of; Growing leaders (particularly young leaders and those from black and minority ethnic backgrounds); Enabling a healthy multi-cultural church life; Building confidence in engaging with other faith groups; and Being missional in tackling poverty. The aim is to develop new initiatives or plug into existing initiatives that have the potential to meet these identified needs of the churches.
As a tutor for the NBLC primarily serving the HEBA region, Gale may deliver one-off or a series of sessions in local churches or at HEBA’s office base of IMC in Birmingham. This entails her shaping relevant, flexible learning through ‘theological reflection’ that seeks to fulfill a local church’s needs to develop in areas of ministry and mission.  Gale also offers tutorial support to individuals seeking national BUGB recognition as lay preachers and lay pastors. Additionally, she leads sessions for ministerial students at NBLC’s base of Luther King House in Manchester, in relation to her specialism of; working with young people, or matters of ethnic and cultural diversity and ministry and mission.  
Since September 2010, Gale has been a member of the BUGB Racial Justice Group and became moderator of the group in September 2012.