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Royal Air Force (RAF)

Could you be minister to another kind of flock?

The RAF needs chaplains to take the Church to where it is needed most. Your role as a Chaplain is to serve all RAF personnel – whatever their denominational background and whether they have a faith or not. 

As a chaplain, you’ll play an integral role in the RAF and its community support system. You’ll be with people both in joy and sorrow, at their places of work, at church, in their social lives and on overseas operations. Your community will include technicians and caterers, doctors, police and administrators, as well as pilots and other aircrew. What’s more, the RAF is often the community focus for their partners and children too. 

As well as offering pastoral support, counsel and mediation, you will fulfil more traditional roles, holding weekly services and officiating at weddings, baptisms and funerals. Partners and families are well cared for and the work provides excellent in-service training and education opportunities.

If you’re ready for a challenging, highly rewarding position, contact us now. A whole new congregation awaits you.

We have vacancies for full-time and part-time chaplains.

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