Baptist AssemblyAssembly

10 - 11 May
Bethel Convention Centre, West Bromwich

'Higher Deeper Wider'
Everyone is invited to join us on the next stage of the journey for the Baptist Assembly and explore together our Assembly theme: Higher Deeper Wider

It’s easy to put ourselves at the centre of all we do for God – our vision, our service, our mission. Yet Scripture calls us to see God at the heart of everything  ?  to make sure that our picture of God is big enough, that our experience of grace is deep enough and that our understanding of the Holy Spirit’s work is wide enough. It begins and ends with worship – but in between, the journey takes us to the hidden depths of our hearts and the furthest reaches of God’s world.  As we reach higher, we are empowered to dig deeper and inspired to go further with God.

For more information, and to book for this year's Assembly, have a look at the Assembly website.
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Wednesday 5 March - Saturday 19 April
Easter Sunday
Sunday 20 April
SWestBA Safeguarding Training
Saturday 26 April
Paignton Baptist Church
NBA Spring Assembly
9:30am Saturday 26 April
Bethany Christian Centre, Houghton-le-Spring
EMBA Spring Association Day
3:30pm Sunday 27 April
West Bridgford Baptist Church
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