LBAEncouraging Men in their Faith

The Revd Daniel Otieno-Ndale is the minister of Grange Park Baptist Church. 

DanielOtienoNdaleThis church is in receipt of a Home Mission ministry grant.  Recently an event was held drawing a number of men together from local churches.  The event took place at Ye Olde Crowne, a local pub, with 36 men present.  This was a good opportunity for them to get together and share as Christians.  The speaker for the evening was Carl Beech of Christian Vision for Men.  This organisation seeks to encourage men to live for Jesus and share their faith unashamedly.  

This initiative was designed both to encourage men to share their faith, but at the same time build for the future where friends, too, could be invited and be introduced to faith.  

In this situation Home Mission funding is providing the opportunity to equip others to share the good news of Jesus.

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