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Sharing God's Love in the East - Latest Leg of Chris Duffett's Presidential Tour 

June 2012

Impromptu family shows in a church full of people who would not normally be there, Bible studies in a pub, and inviting people to record what they’d like to do before they die - all featured in the latest leg of Chris Duffett’s presidential tour


Sharing Gods love in the East

Chris, the new president of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, is visiting each Association to share and participate in ways of reaching out to their communities – and the Eastern Baptist Association (EBA) was the destination last weekend.
Friday saw Chris at work with Church from Scratch in Southend-on-Sea, speaking to members over 
lunch, filming in the afternoon, and meeting with mission personnel from a range of different churches in the evening.

Saturday led Chris to Hadleigh in Essex, where he was a key participant in the EBA Annual Assembly, sharing his heart to love people as God does.

Alongside the usual seminars, people were encouraged to ‘just do something’ with an opportunity to bless Hadleigh.

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