Introducing Lynn Green – our new General Secretary

The Revd Lynn Green has now taken up her role as General Secretary. lynn green
Jenny Royal, the Moderator of Trustees who proposed the appointment to the annual gathering of the Baptist Union on 4 May, says “This is an exciting appointment for the Baptist Union at this time in our life.  As a Union, we have seen great change in our structures, refocusing our work for effective mission and supporting one another as Baptists Together.  We believe that God led us to appoint Lynn to take up this role and guide us at this strategic time.”
Lynn, 48, is well known to many within the Union having been a Regional Minister with the Southern Counties Baptist Association team.  Previously she served as Minister at Wokingham Baptist Church and was Team Leader there for 11 years.  During this time Lynn has been able to mentor a number of leaders as well as being mentored herself.  She has also served our Union in many ways over the years, particularly as Moderator of the Staffing committee and the Mission Executive.  Seven years ago she herself was the Moderator of the General Secretary Nominating Group.  She also served as Secretary of Mainstream (now Fresh Streams) for a number of years.  Lynn began her working life commuting to London as a Marketing Manager with Royal Mail Parcels International and subsequently was the Corporate Identity Manager for Royal Mail.  Most of her working life has been bi-vocational, combining the calling to ministry with her vocation as a wife and mother.  She has been married for 26 years to Stuart, who is Head of Audit with The Garden Centre Group.  They have two children and also care for two children as Friends and Family Foster Carers.
Lynn became a Christian as a teenager and was baptised and became a member at Winchester Baptist Church where she also met Stuart.  She lived as an undergraduate at The Northern Baptist College whilst studying theology at Manchester University and trained for ministry at Regent’s Park College, Oxford.
Lynn is excited by God’s call to this ministry and as she looks forward to serving our Union in this new role of General Secretary, she outlines her vision.
“My vision is to see our vision and values become reality. Through the ‘Futures’ process we have clarified our vision to be ‘Growing healthy churches in relationship for mission’.  I want to harness the energy generated by the ‘Futures’ discussions and turn it into action!
Our 5 Core Values - being prophetic, inclusive, sacrificial, missionary and worshipping communities – must be reflected in our life together. I am committed to holding us all accountable to these values in our life together and in our engagement with the world.
I also believe that we need a humble confidence that God is at work in us and through us! There are so many amazing stories of what the Lord is doing out there; God has certainly not finished with us yet! Alongside pioneering new ways of being church, I long to see many more local churches being encouraged and supported to transition beyond inherited patterns of church into vibrant mission communities. In doing this, I hope that we will be adventurous, take more risks and above all, be Kingdom possibility thinkers!
In a tribal world I want us to be known for our profound and rich diversity in unity - diverse yet integrated. As Baptists we can celebrate that we are a people gathered from many nations; we have so much to learn from each other in our journey to become Christ centred communities.
I am committed to the priesthood of all believers, where women and men, young and old, rich and poor, are encouraged and released to serve the Lord, each one differently abled and unique. And I pray that we will be known as a deeply loving people.  As Scripture says, “..if I have not love, I am nothing”.  As I see it we are not so much an organisation, as a radical movement of Jesus’ followers who experience and share God’s incredible, sacrificial love for all.
When it comes to putting this into practice I see our priorities at this time to be:
Listening to the Lord, to one another and to our communities; at heart there must be an utter dependence on God. Our Declaration of Principle states clearly that our sole authority in all matters of faith and practice is our Lord Jesus Christ, as revealed in Scripture. For me keeping Jesus at the centre and allowing our lives to be shaped by His Word is essential. I also want to build on Jonathan Edwards’ focus on the centrality of prayer.
Truly becoming a team; this is my deepest longing for us as a Union. By working together in trusting partnerships I believe that we can maximise our Kingdom potential. WE are the Union.
Turning our talk into action! We have done LOTS of talking and now I feel strongly that we really need to get on with the job!
I believe deeply that our Union is ready for generational change. It is time to cast off the institutional mind-set that has served us well in the past, and embrace a new way of being for the 21st Century.”